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Reintonation 1998 | The Water 2000 | Timbreland 2003 | Leave 2005 | Hidden Timbre 2007

Reintonation: Boring Guys, Runaway, The Liars are right, Teach you, But is it the truth?, Rainbow, Kampf, GI-Song, Schon wieder, Phone

The Water: Go away, Di notte, Mobbing, The Water

Timbreland: So far away, Sorry, Giunco, Find a person, Everything you wanna do, Banknotes, Hot saturday, Over the ocean, Accident child, Wonderland, Hidden Track

Leave: I hate myself, Can you hear it, Leave behind, Upon my life

Hidden Timbre: Matter of Pride, At the Crossroads, End of Days, Tell me, Time to sleep, My world is bigger, Be winded, Doom